The idea to make this game came all of a sudden. Actually, I wasn’t going to make any games in the nearest future, especially games about virtual pets. I spent all my free time developing a space shooter and studying Unity. So, when my friends asked me “Can you make a game somewhat like an old good Tamagotchi?”, I thought the very idea wasn’t very attractive at first, but nevertheless I said “Yeah, that’s easy, and I’ll be able to study Unity better and to make it out with the interface creation”. I chose the cartoon Adventure Time as graphical style and an old tamagotchi-key fob as the main idea – there’s a pet on the screen which needs to be fed, cleaned up after, treated well and so on.

To make this game I used Unity 4.6. At that time the engine didn’t get on well with 2D graphics and interfaces, so I used plug-ins 2DToolKit and NGUI for them.

While developing I started studying the segment of such games. As it turned out, there’re packs of them with lots of ideas to borrow. However my point was to keep the gist of the old game as well. When being a player myself I was often freaked out by one thing – you’ve got to either play some integrated mini-games or pay money in order to feed-wash-entertain your pet. I mean, I cannot come to the game for just a minute and solve all my pet’s problems.

However I found such things as decorations and clothes purchase rather ineresting, so I’ve added them to my game.

Another interesting feature is your ability to choose two or even more different pets – you can have a fox-cub or a cat. There’re four basic free pets in the game and there’re additional pets as well – some of them are fee-based and some will be given to the player as a reward in the mini-games.

Integrated mini-games are another story – I wish there were as many and various as possible. The first two were an ordinary 2048 game and a runner-game with a beetle. The beetle had been just a decoration on the pet’s lawn at first, but then I decided to make a mini-game with it. After that some runners in pixel graphics were made. Some games are created for adults and are rather difficult, others are created for kids. Usually those are simple games with well-known mechanics, you can find lots of them in Stores. But there’s one thing making great difference between them – any mini-game from Stores has too much advertising while our app has and will have none.

Link to the game on Google Play:
Funny Little Pets

When creating the game helped me the following artists: