Hum… it’s really difficult to say any special words about this game. It’s something like a trifling,
kind of experiment. It was really very interesting for us to develop a plain indi-game, based on
mobile platform — it was experience, a sort of. We hesitated at the first time, but then we realized
— it was simplier we had thought before.

Now about the idea. As a matter of fact, there was no any concrete idea, because firstly it was just
a kind of experiment, it was just about an imitating any old game on Kongregane. Then by chance
we found game They Took Our Candy and it seemed to us very nice. From there, we built up the game concept. As for grafics…
cartoonish pixel — it’s so funny! <^_^> There’s no any artistic, arty-crafty elements. Why? There
was no use for us to create a graphics-intensive game, because the main idea was about simplicity
and speed.

At some moment we found out a sprite generator for small anime characters. And then we realized
that those sprites were made for RPG Maker game editor. Characters’ sprites became a basis.
Some of them we created ourselves, others — looked for in the Internet or changed according
to our requirements. Some time later we creatred the decorations. You know, exposure to this
community was really very interesting. There are so many people, creating trifling games for their
own enjoyment… that’s really so nice! (by the way, if you need any sprites, just write us and we will
share them with you, sure thing).

So, wnen we created the main gameplay, of course we decided to add there any difficulties, for
more interest. And we added to the characters a great number of abilities, created 3 classes… Sure,
if truth be told, there are tanks, wizards, thieves. It’s not so noticeable in the game with monsters,
but PvP mode is based on this — you can make different strategies and tactics. Yes, at the time of
creating and playing the game, it was interesting, who would manage create the strongest party… it’s
necessary to make a duel mode we suppose=)

Then we tested the mode for a long time, because as it turned out, the characters were not perfect.
And there were powerful parties, that killed the whole shebang instantly. We divided them into
3 classes, worked at the skills and now it’s ok, not so bad. Of course, there are characters, who
stronger than others, but all the parties are equal in general. And now we see the balance — some
kind of roshambo.

In general, this first experience of mobile game creation was interesting. We really cannot say
that it’s unsuccessful =) Now the game is not so popular for the present, but it has a lot of positive
feedbacks and good marks on GooglePlay.

That’s all that i wanted to say about Vietnam =)

Link to the game on Google Play:
Dark Story

When creating the game helped me the following artists: